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Art in Progress


borgo Palmia 4 / b, Parma




The artists who have been protagonists of our exhibition program will perform during the evening,creating the works live.

We will move their ateliers to the gallery spaces for one evening, giving everyone the opportunity to be part of the most fascinating moment of their work:

artistic creation.

Saturday 9 Novemberfrom 18: MARCO CATELLANI
Saturday 23 Novemberfrom 19: MADDALENA SAPONARA
Saturday 30 Novemberfrom 19: ANDREA TERENZIANI


MARCO CATELLANI was born in 1951 in Cavriago (RE). His interest is concentrated on painting in parallel with his professional activity, taking part in solo and group exhibitions..

Since 2006 he has dedicated himself exclusively to artistic research, also arriving outside the Italian borders, arousing keen interest and becoming part of international collections and galleries. The long research path passes from classical themes such as still life, landscape, portrait, to the experiences of German Expressionism and the historical avant-gardes, not without some forays into the field of abstraction, until finally arriving at Pop Art. the artist has developed Keith Haring's urban sign in a personal way, transforming it into a double line, a "tube" crossed by small sticks that give shape to the depersonalized shapes. Catellani gives body to stylized figures that make his work immediately recognizable, black dominates, the repetitiveness of the sign fills the canvas. A translated humanity is represented, resized, infinite and repeated in an almost mechanical way. A strange suspension, an unreal stillness dominates the paintings: the disturbing protagonists seem to be waiting for something, perhaps for answers. Nothing is left to chance, the compositions are calibrated, studied, desired in their scenic richness. The rhythm becomes incessant and becomes a mirror of today's society. The artist therefore surprises us with his precise and rigorous, almost maniacal technique, transporting us to another dimension, in a parallel universe of great strength and visual power.siva.


The evocation and reworking through her creativity distinguish the style of Maddalena, who takes inspiration from books or cinema and from her work in the field of communication to create evocative and fascinating works, returning through her eye and her sensitivity to known images and investing them with a new light.

Maddalena lives and works in Milan, art gives vent to a never dormant creativity, not even in a work made of numbers, in which the artistic vein can give unexpected fruits, bringing her inspiration to the most disparate fields.

The technique used divides space and matter and through it the artist composes the figure by breaking it down, his works take shape through both fragmentation and subsequent union.

So the artist: This live painting will be the first sharing with the public of a path that I started 5 years ago and which for me represents a great goal: that of being able to creatively express my world, carving out a space of my own and according to my rules.

Maddalena lives her creativity in the most spontaneous and pure way, living the artistic moment as liberation and outlet, as if it were a trail to follow. In the world of contemporary art where artists are too often influenced by fashion and the market, Maddalena represents a rarity, onelight when it's dark outside,to quote one of her works, she creates her works to satisfy first of all herself and her innate need for expression through art, it represents what she likes, what excites her, be it a book or a face, in a free way and spontaneous.

Exactly how Maddalena manages to do this, art must be this: it must take the present, re-elaborate it and restore it with a new, personal and extravagant vision.


ANDREA TERENZIANI,born in Parma in 1965, he lives and works in the city.

He started and leads a resin processing business, establishing himself on the market for surprising results creative and artistic. After a long and solitary painting practice characterized by experimentation with techniques and intense individual research, he began exhibiting in 2001 and since then he has held various solo exhibitions and has taken part in various group exhibitions and fairs of art. There was no lack of participation in cultural events with artists from every part of the world, where Terenziani's works have been a great success of public and critics for the evocative power of the urban landscapes proposed by the artist.a.

The works of Andrea Terenziani return a deep and intimate reality, a glimpse of one's interiority, of one's memory. The inspiration comes from the material, there is no preparatory drawing or sketch, the colors, the shapes are molded and transformed into art directly by the artist's hands. Although the inspiration is impulsive, the works always tell a different story, made up of settings, cities, memories and memories that come out of the canvas in a delicate but effective way.

A black moon watches over Andrea Terenziani's landscapes, creating the same emotions and investing them, almost like a mirror, with an atmosphere and a light, magical moonlight. The prevalent use of earth colors creates a contrast with urban skylines, which can indistinctly show cathedrals or towers, lighthouses, factories or skyscrapers: these horizons are therefore far from being distinctly figurative, they are evoked every time, they almost act as a backdrop. to a dream, in which the shapes can be superimposed or only blurred. The cities of Terenziani are universal, out of time and space, they could be found anywhere on earth, they create the image of the metropolis without indicating a single one: the viewer can thus encounter each time a different place, a different memory or a new atmosphere. .

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