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Pantop in Frames

ART & CO Parma

hamlet Palmia 4 / B

Pantop in Frames // Exhibit Party # 1

From 19.00 aperitif and Dj set

From 22.00 The Manelly's LIVE!

Corner bar: DA Mat bistrot



The evening of Saturday 28 September will feature PANTOP, a creative project by the young art director from Parma Isabella Montan:

SYNESTHESIA: In literary criticism, the expressive association between two words pertaining to two different sensory spheres (eg.warm words,green silence).

Isabella Montan's creative world feeds on synaesthesia, unusual but perfectly fitting combinations of images, colors, words, meanings. Taking her cue mainly from pop culture, Isabella gives us new visions of our time, which sometimes refer to a TV series, other times to a very close current affair, addressing current affairs and politics with very serious irony.


PANTOPit is my project, I have been carrying it out for a year and a half now and every day it gives me the desire to continue along this path.It is a creative project that tries to capture and relaunch the moments of life, people and things. A small daily work that wants to evoke in the viewer emotions and suggestions that go beyond the color, the image, the word that compose it. It is a simple formula, a color, an image, a sentence that best represents what I want to communicate, the idea I have on that topic. But also the vision that I have on life, on the world, my way of seeing and representing things, in a certain sense my soul in all respects. I like to think thate my personal synaesthesia come right from there. Synesthesia is an unconscious phenomenon, there are different types and I have one of my own: my mind has always associated people, things and emotions with colors. I can't imagine a world without colors in my head: it would be poorer and more unhappy. I always carried these colors with me, which blended in an almost harmonious way with the mess that I often had in my head. And I must admit that I never thought that one day I would be able to express this in my own way and above all to find a way to communicate it.o.”


Saturday 28 September at the ART & CO gallery in a dedicated one night we will discover the world ofPANTOPwith Dj set from 19.00 and live concert by The Manelly's from 22.00.