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Biografia di Maddalena Saponara

Maddalena Saponara lives and works in Milan. He began his artistic career several years ago with art and painting courses, soon arriving at a personal artistic expression. She is a self-taught artist, her vocation was born thanks to the curiosity for a collage seen by chance and from the inspiration given by a sculpture also seen by chance. The need to combine curiosity and inspiration in something that was born of itself stimulates the birth of its exclusive technique. Weaving of cardboard, glue and acrylic is what she needs to create the works. “The art was love at first sight, and it quickly became my lover. My works preserve the best part of me, the one in which I truly recognize myself".

Personal and collective exhibitions:

March 2019, Personal exhibition, A light when it's dark outside, ART & CO Parma;

November 2019, Personal exhibition, Art in progress, ART & CO Parma;

December 2019, Collective exhibition, touch, Spin-off gallery, Milan;

Critical Notes