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Cenno Critici su Antonio Longo

Cinema, music, stickers and magazines, then TV, internet, Instagram, Netflix

Pop culture has always and in different ways invaded our everyday life and our days, we are bombarded by images and"known faces"of our contemporaneity and our recent past. If Mimmo Rotella has ennobled the manifesto, Antonio Longo, following in the footsteps of Jacques Villeglé, ennobles its content, re-proposing the decollage technique in his own way and emphasizing the faces, movements and expressions, through delicate and non-invasive tears, which they allow a glimpse of the underlying layers, becoming a single and harmonious image, a visual poem made up of details and words.

Even if the figure is not drawn directly, we are faced with real portraits:an elusive Nicole Kidman on the set of Eyes wide shut, Gianni Agnelli on the cover of LIFE or a dreamy Brigitte Bardot. There are also tributes to contemporary artists, Andy Warhol Banksy or Mr Brainwash.

The artist steals the characters and faces of his works from pop culture, reinterpreting them through hidden messages in his creations. In fact, nothing in Longo's works is fortuitous, despite the fact that the tearing technique traditionally has an imprint of chance:the artist personally prepares the layers that will then be torn, always knowing what to leave hidden and what to show, in a game of looks and references that transport the viewer almost to the depths of the character. Despite this, as a great artist he is, Antonio Longo never affects the immediacy of the work, telling a different story each time, like a good actor when he improvises on stage and amazes the audience.