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Maddalena Saponara

The Wild Swan

Title: Wild Swan
Technique: Mosaic and acrylic on wood
Typology: Unique work
Support: Wood
Base: 100 cm
Height: 120 cm
Year: 2020
Frame: Not Included

The technique used divides space and matter and through it the artist composes the figure by breaking it down, his works take shape through both fragmentation and subsequent union.

Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize winner in 1999, in his book A Wild Swan re-elaborates and re-proposes, with masterful reversals and rewrites, some of the most famous traditional fairy tales. It is no coincidence that one of Maddalena Saponara's most significant works evokes the cover of the book itself, illustrated by Yuku Shimizu, which represents the Beast leaning out of a labyrinth of only roses.

The Wild Swan