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Maddalena Saponara

Clint Eastwood

Title: Clint Eastwood
Technique: Mosaic and acrylic on wood
Typology: Unique work
Support: Wood
Base: 50 cm
Height: 60 cm
Year: 2020
Frame: Not Included


The technique used divides space and matter and through it the artist composes the figure by breaking it down, his works take shape through both fragmentation and subsequent union. In this work Maddalena celebrates Clint Eastwood, whose unmistakable face is formed through the mosaic decomposition of matter. Born in 1930, he is one of the pillars of cinema of the last century, as a western film actor he then held the most disparate roles, from Inspector CallaghanBridges of Madison Country. From the 2000s to today his acting career has been joined by that of director (Mistyc river, Million dollar baby, Gran Torino, Changeling just to name a few) which earned him 5 Oscars.

Clint Eastwood