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Maddalena Saponara


Title: Robert
Technique: Mosaic and acrylic on wood
Typology: Unique work
Support: Wood
Base: 60 cm
Height: 70 cm
Year: 2020
Frame: Not Included

The technique used divides space and matter and through it the artist composes the figure by breaking it down, his works take shape through both fragmentation and subsequent union. The work is part of the series dedicated to cinema and represents a Robert De Niro in one of his iconic expressions.

Thus the Merenghetti about him:Hollywood trembles in front of its name. In his far-sighted career he has managed to mix action with drama, comedy with horror, earning the reputation of "acting handyman". But it wasn't always like this, it wasn't always powerful, evil and determined to cut out the competition when it came to best describing a role, it was just good and promising at first. Then he became the master of self-analysis, one of the best interpreters of the Method, who entered the world of interpretation to exorcise the shyness of an adolescence that saw his name confused with that of Bob Milk ("Bob Latte" via of her very pale complexion). He masterfully wore the dirtiest and most violent clothes that 70s and 80s cinema could offer him. Cynical, macho and psychopathic portraits. It is with those that he has strung together performances that have been chiseled into real cornerstones of the history of cinema.